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To the modern Interior doors which are on sale in specialised shops, both concerning appropriate workmanship, and high demands are necessarily made to presentableness of their appearance.

Than so these doors are remarkable? Thanks to what the mark of doors Profil Doors has found to itself so much many admirers, how in a society of adherents of reserved classical design, and among the people loving all new and extraordinary?

exclusively high-quality bar is applied To manufacturing of a cloth of door Profil Doors. Skeleton of their design absolutely deprived frequent wood defects has high characteristics of durability. Outer side of a cloth of doors the Profile Doors cover eco-veneerÓž which ideally transfers structure of natural breeds of wood. Of what only versions of furnish of cloths of doors are not provided by design of Interior doors Profil Doors is both an oak, and an alder, and mahogany, and also many other things from which for any interior it is possible to pick up the ideal variant.

the Set of people is got recently by the doors which have undergone through procedure on artificial ageing. Such technology is called "patina", she allows to make the door designs of very high quality, outwardly looking is much more senior the real age. If the interior is indoors issued in style of a retro it is artificial made old Interior doors Profil Doors in it will have very opportunely. They not only will transfer the general concept of design, but also become logical end of all shape of the house.

the Latest collections of doors Profil Doors consist of models in which registration the imitation leather is used. The combination of a tree to a skin looks is more tremendous effectively. A considerable quantity of admirers of the given extravagant style in registration of premises already on advantage was estimated by Profil Dors doors, quite fairly naming them hardly probable not the best representatives of group of the goods, whose appointment - to create in the house atmosphere of a cosiness and high degree of comfort.

It is possible to tell with 100 %-s' confidence that doors the Profile Doors will approach to all possible types of an interior, can harmoniously be entered in any premise, becoming its most remarkable place. After all these rather fashionable and stylish door designs represent an excellent combination of high functionality to magnificent aesthetic characteristics.

Description of a design of Interior doors Profil Doors:

Used in manufacture of doors "PROFIL DOORS" materials deserve special attention:

1. LVL a bar - multilayered wood, on the durability is approached to building moisture resistant plywood. This material is not dried out and not jarred on during all service life of an Interior door. It is a material it is made in Russia that gives considerable advantage in the price of an Interior door and a door box "PROFIL DOORS". Durability LVL of a bar in 3 times above, than at usual saw-timbers.

2. A door box multilayered. At manufacturing of a door box of an Interior door "PROFIL DOORS" which the strongest moisture resistant plywood and LVL a bar is used. This technology excludes a curvature and while in service an Interior door, especially during the winter period when humidity in inhabited and office premise is lowered at the expense of heating devices.

So, Dear buyer, you already know that internal filling of Interior doors "PROFIL DOORS" consists of "our", Russian materials checked up by time, the strong and the cheapest in the world. It is a major factor allowing us to reduce the price an end-product.

But! Further we represent finishing materials, only most quality which are bought from the European manufacturers.

simply fantastic finishing material, waterproof and on the properties reminding plastic, with the structure of a tree felt at Touch.

3. This newest material is called as Ekoshpon. We use its advanced variant of a new kind - with three-dimensional optical effect - he not simply repeats wood drawing, but also in accuracy transfers all features of its structure.

4. A natural Italian skin. the Genuine leather at use in furnish of Interior doors is capable to give to a product unique design and drawing. Furnish of Interior doors by a genuine leather is one of the most important differences of our doors from other elite doors. A variety of colour scale of finishing materials and wide assortment of Interior doors offered by us "PROFIL DOORS" allow that our doors of modern design made with use of the newest equipment and high-quality import materials will decorate any interior of apartment, office or your country house.

the Batch production and use of materials of the Russian manufacture in a skeleton of a door and a door box, has allowed us the low prices for the best Interior doors in Russia and behind its limits.

On all production the guarantee of manufacturer of 5 years is given. Do not hasten and make a correct choice.

Features of solid wood doors from alder timber

Among set of the entrance designs executed from a natural tree, you can choose any. But, as professionals in this area, we advise to you to pay attention to doors from an alder file.

Curative force of an alder

the Alder black - one of few trees comprising in a considerable quantity tannins. The extract, received of alder cones, has found wide application in modern pharmaceutics, and in Russia alder broth was always used at treatment of gastroenteric diseases, colds, rheumatism. From alder wood the polyphenolic complex, shown antimicrobic activity and action is allocated. The substances allocated from an alder at heating have favorable influence on cardiovascular and nervous systems, and as on blood structure.

Ecological compatibility

Since ancient times in Russia alder fire wood heated imperial palaces as they did not smoke and did not smoke, and Ivan the Terrible was soared only in alder baths. The matter is that in an alder completely are absent harmful to an organism connections, including, therefore our ancestors began to smoke fish, meat on alder shavings, and a unique alder smell which proceeds from wood heating, will dip you into atmosphere of a cosiness, house heat and harmony with the nature. Doors from an alder file are made from a harmless and safe material which negative impact on yours of health will not make, and it is the extremely important.

Europe mahogany

the Alder possesses the strongly pronounced invoice, it is easy for distinguishing from a white linden and an aspen. The wood of an alder possessing a uniform warm brownish shade, reminds coffee colour of "Mokko", and at heating to 100— gets a soft crimson shade for this reason an alder on another still name Russian mahogany. Presence in wood of darkish mineral impregnations creates surprising similarity to marble proveins which so often meet in this beautiful stone. After processing of your doors from a file of an alder they will be shown by a varnish even more strongly, creating very interesting drawing.

Moisture resistance of an alder

the Alder grows on bogs, in low sites of district for this reason alder wood possesses high hygroscopicity, it applied always there where contact to high humidity is inevitable: in hydraulic engineering building, bondares business, Russian and Finnish steam rooms, furnish of wells, and the alder piles put still in 15 century, allow till now one of the most beautiful cities of the world - Venice, to please an eye of the tourist. Therefore doors from an alder file will serve you many long years and even after many years they will not lose the presentable kind and functionality.

Online store interior doors made of natural wood. Catalog and price

We offer interior doors to choose from producer inexpensive. Presented in our catalog doors are mass-produced, in large quantities on the modern equipment. We offer to buy the standard dimensions of doors made of wood at the lowest prices wholesale and retail. Sales on credit, delivery and installation of interior doors of solid oak, alder, pine and birch at an additional cost. All products are certified. Factory warranty - 3 years.

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Catalogue Interior doors :

Leaders of sales :

Interior wood door Retro
Solid wood Pine
color - Nut, natur.

Interior door wood  pine Interior door wood  pine Interior door wood  pine
95 $ Door price
+ 15 $ ( box )
+ 10 $ ( lath )
Interior wood door Retro
Solid wood Alder
color - venge, mahogany, natur.

Interior door wood  alder Interior door wood  alder Interior door wood  alder
105 $ Door price
+ 20 $ ( box )
+ 15 $ ( lath )
Interior wood door Premieres
Solid wood Alder
color - venge, mahogany, natur.

Interior door wood  alder Interior door wood  alder Interior door wood  alder
115 $ Door price
+ 20 $ ( box )
+ 15 $ ( lath )
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