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The best Wooden doors design. Sale interior wooden doors are made not of an integral tree as many buyers of doors think, and from chosen without the knots steamed in a vacuum dryer strongly stuck together among themselves on technology "thorn" of elements separate of natural wood of one breed of a tree, picked up for structure and colour. Only such technological process guarantees that your door will be strong and is not deformed during the first cold season when in apartments, cottages and offices heating will join.

Good Interior doors cannot be made in small workshops and cellars, to that-that for manufacturing techniques of wood doors presence of a considerable quantity of the areas and the special equipment demands.

The present wood doors when do not crack, do not burn out on the sun, do not creak and are not deformed in the course of long operation. Quality of a door in many respects depends on technology of its manufacture and observance of all technological processes. For removal of internal pressure of wood its humidity should make no more than 5-8 %.

All parts of a door should be ideally adjusted and glued, and the surface of a door cloth is covered by a paint, a varnish for prevention of hit of a moisture in tree structure. As it is desirable to process wood and in the course of installation of an Interior door.

wood doors have weight in comparison with doors from MDF, HDF therefore it is desirable to use for door installation only qualitative loops, handles and mechanisms.

wood doors can have a large quantity of colour shades. It allows to choose an Interior door for any style and design of apartment, the private house or office. The various sizes of doors do of a file by their most comprehensible variant for installation in a cottage.

wood doors the strongest and convenient in application also can will be applied as sliding. They have the maximum sound insulation concerning doors executed on other technology.

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Custom exterior doors. exterior door installation

Now to Interior doors increased requirements are shown. They should be strong, functional and reliable.

the requirement to style and design of a door, and so use in furnish of a door of various modern materials - 3D an interline interval of exotic breeds of a tree, a skin, eco-veneers, stained-glass windows and metal elements Recently became especially actual.

the Interior door is an ornament of an interior and completeness of all spent repair of premises depends on its choice.

Custom exterior doors. exterior door installation

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It is necessary to see attentively the modern glossy magazines telling about fashionable now interiors as it becomes obvious that recently doors frequently act in a role of a basic element of design of a room.

Interior doors Profil Doors which are presented in our shop, represent door designs of new generation, and their occurrence has literally turned in due time existing representation of people about what can be modern room design.

Mahogany entry doors manufacturers

What place is taken away to doors in creation of a modern interior? Different people take away it so various roles. For one Interior doors first of all should be strong, functional and reliable. To all other, the given designs by all means should possess impressing indicators in respect of sound insulation. For other category of people the main mission of doors which are established in all kinds of premises, it, first of all, an interior ornament.

Manufacture of exclusive Interior doors to order

Manufacture of exclusive Interior  doors  to order

Modern technologies in Interior doors manufacturers

Modern technologies in Interior  doors manufacturers

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We offer interior doors to choose from producer inexpensive. Presented in our catalog doors are mass-produced, in large quantities on the modern equipment. We offer to buy the standard dimensions of doors made of wood at the lowest prices wholesale and retail. Sales on credit, delivery and installation of interior doors of solid oak, alder, pine and birch at an additional cost. All products are certified. Factory warranty - 3 years.

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The door company. Interior doors manufacturers
Interior wood doors manufacturers

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Catalogue Interior doors :

Leaders of sales :

Interior wood door Retro
Solid wood Pine
color - Nut, natur.

Interior door wood  pine Interior door wood  pine Interior door wood  pine
95 $ Door price
+ 15 $ ( box )
+ 10 $ ( lath )
Interior wood door Retro
Solid wood Alder
color - venge, mahogany, natur.

Interior door wood  alder Interior door wood  alder Interior door wood  alder
105 $ Door price
+ 20 $ ( box )
+ 15 $ ( lath )
Interior wood door Premieres
Solid wood Alder
color - venge, mahogany, natur.

Interior door wood  alder Interior door wood  alder Interior door wood  alder
115 $ Door price
+ 20 $ ( box )
+ 15 $ ( lath )
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